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Since the May 25 “42nd world calibration” event, many sims have been claiming that they experience unusual urges for dishwashing, no matter where they are.

Top psychiatrists around the globe have launched a joint expert panel to better understand this possible mental illness. In a press conference on August 23, Elise Giordano, spokesperson of the panel, said that sims suffering from this condition will constantly search for dirty dishes to clean. “We haven’t quite decided on what to call it, most possibly Compulsive Dishwashing Disorder,” she added. Dr. Giordano is also working in the psychiatry department of the Magnolia Clinic.

Dr. Giordano said in the press conference that they are doing their best to understand CDD.

Scrubs DeReve, an expert on the panel, told the SMT that sims experiencing this kind of urge should immediately visit the nearest psychiatric clinic or hospital. “They should avoid places that have stacks of dirty dishes lying around, such as a restaurant,” Dr. DeReeve added. A preliminary finding report was released on August 24. While reviewing by the SMT, we found nothing of importance in it. From the report, the only way to stop a CDD symptom is to have someone to interrupt the dishwashing action. No cure or prevention measure has been found at this time.


Chad LeBouf, a resident in the Fashion District of San Myshuno, shared some ways of him dealing with CDD. “I immediately had the dishwasher uninstalled from the apartment when the problem started,” LeBouf told the SMT. He then continued, “And I blocked all the sinks in the apartment so I can’t reach it even I want to. Let me tell you—my roommate was not happy at all.” When asked how he and his roommate dealt with dirty dishes, LeBouf said they just ordered pizza and threw the paper plates away.

LeBouf shows us his apartment. One can see that a sign blocked the sink, and the dishwasher is removed.


At the end of the press conference, Dr. Giordano expressed the frustration shared across the panel, “We all think that our progress is slow; however, there really is not much to be found.” Dr. Giordano also shared their disappointment when the “46th world calibration” event did not seem to resolve the illness. “These events tend to magically fix the problems in our life,” she said, “hopefully the next one will end this madness.”