The Sims 4: Boost the Gardening Skill with Patchy the Strawman (Scarecrow)

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The Sims 4 Seasons introduces Patchy the Scarecrow, an object that remains inanimate until Sims bring him to life. Patchy the Straw Man can be purchased in buy mode for §450, and can be a great help for Sims who don’t have much time to tend to their gardens.

When Sims first interact with Patchy, they can use the Chat and Examine interactions. He will sometimes startle Sims with his animations, but if they spend enough time getting to know him, they will build up a relationship. When the relationship with Patchy has maxed, he will unlock his outfit in Create-a-Sim for Sims to wear.


Once the relationship is maxed out, Sims will also be able to use the Ask for Gardening Tips interaction for a significant Gardening Skill boost (gives half a level increase), and the Check Pockets for Seeds interaction to collect some flowers and plants to grow in the garden…but that’s not all!

Now that Patchy has a great relationship with the Sim, he will detach from his tree and come to life. Everyday at 1pm, Patchy will stick around for a few hours to help Sims tend to their gardens. Have some overgrown weeds and dehydrated plants? Patchy will take care of it all. Not only that, but Sims can even enter into a Romantic relationship with Patchy too.

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