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Sims 3 Store: August 16th Sets

  :!: Nothing new added - Island Escape Compilation (1,900 SP) - Has your Sim been waiting for their day in the sun? Well the wait...

Generations Loading Screen to be Dynamic

  SimPress has now added the loading Screens for Generations in their section of CAS pictures we linked you to earlier today. Do you see the...

Male – Teen/Adult/Elder

Here you can find in-game screenshots of all the Male – Teen/Adult/Elder Haistyles available in the Sims 3 Store.  The title of each Picture...

Sims 3 Town Life – Lot Sizes & Photos!

  As you all know, Sims 3 Town Life comes complete with 7 New Community Lots & Venues. Below are the lot sizes and some...

Island Paradise Producer Walk-through Snippet

  Over at GameStop so click below! (Scroll Down)  

Prima Games: Pre Order Supernatural’s eGuide

  Prima Games has listed their pre order page for The Sims 3 Supernatural eGuide. For those who prefer eGuides, head on over and pre...

Hibiscus Trio & Island Escape Compilation (?)

  I received emails today from a ton of our readers (too many to name, but thank you everyone!) about a Hibiscus Trio section & an Island...
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