The Sims 4 News & Updates

The Sims 4 Trailer: Hidden Easter Eggs

The Sims team has updated The Sims 4 Trailer with all new "Easter Egg" type annotations. These annotations have links to unlisted videos about...

The Sims 4: New Screenshot

  Walking and talking at the same time? That is what website Wtop has confirmed in a recent interview with Lyndsay Pearson! Now if only...

The Sims 3 & 4: Rachybop Interviews King & Ryan

  Video Link [youtube] 

The Sims 4: Interview w/Ryan Vaughan  

The Sims 4: Interview w/Rachel Franklin

  Video Link [youtube]  

The Sims 4: HQ Concept Art

  During the last Sims 3 Into the Future Demo, King showed off some of the new The Sims 4 concept art available in the...

The Sims 4 Interview w/Graham Nardone

  Video Link - Thanks Snooty! [youtube]  

Sims 4: Maxis Developing In-Game Sharing Platform

Talking about the idea of developing a platform similar to Diablo 3's Auction House within The Sims 4, where players could share - and...

SimsCamp: Special Memories for ‘The Sims’ Fans

Gamescom is the largest videogame show in the world. More than 340,000 people show up to see the latest and greatest gaming has to...

Pre-Order The Sims 4 @ Walmart

  Click Below! Thanks jdeastkntckysims! - For a list of The Sims 4 Bundle Types, click here  
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