The Sims 4 News & Updates

The Sims 4: “Best Audio of Any Sims Game Yet”

  Sul Sul! Urk Ni Gurk! The voice over audio we hear over and over again in our games, is being re-created once again for...

Confirmed: No Sims 4 Appearance @ E3

  SimGuruCharlie (PR Manager for The Sims 4) has confirmed that The Sims 4 will not make an appearance at E3 this year. Contrary to...

The Sims Live Broadcast (6/18/13)

  The next "The Sims" Live Broadcast will take place on June 18th, 2013! Beginning at 10am Pacific, The Sims team will show off an...

The Sims Live Broadcast (Replay)

  Video Link (Scroll to 4:40 minutes) [youtube]  

Reminder: The Sims Live Broadcast (5/23/13)

  The Sims 3 Live Broadcast will begin tomorrow, 5/23/13, @ 10am Pacific! As usual, we will host the live event right here on SimsVIP, and have...

GAME UK: Pre-Order The Sims 4

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The Sims 4 to Release in March 2014?

  Australian retailer JB HI-FI is confirming a possible release month for The Sims 4. According to a "poster" found in one of their brick...

PC Gamer: What we want from The Sims 4

  After five years of The Sims 3, Maxis is stepping up a generation with The Sims 4. It was announced earlier this month, and...
Advertisement Interviews SimsVIP!

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The Sims Live Broadcast (May 23rd)

  We've just received an email from EA with details on the next "The Sims" Live Broadcast. As usual, we will host the event live...