The Sims 4 Seasons: How To Change the Weather/Season (Weather Machine)

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❗ This guide details weather change without cheats. If you prefer to use cheats to skip through seasons and weather even faster, see TwistedMexi’s Seasons Cheat List

One of the frustrating parts of The Sims 4 Seasons, is that it doesn’t give you the ability to change the weather or season on a whim. Once you select a season, you’re stuck with it. You’ll have to wait until all 4 seasons cycle through before getting back to square one.

Sick of the snow? Consider traveling to Selvadorada or Oasis Springs

You can always extend each season using the game’s settings, or travel away to one of the vacations worlds for a change of weather. Either way, the only way to actually change the weather or season in the game, is to excel at the Handiness Skill.

Look for scorch marks on the ground. Lightning strikes may leave something special behind!

The Sims 4 Seasons introduces Dr. June’s Weather Control Device. This device allows Sims to change the weather in the game, but more importantly, the season. There are several different upgrade options on the weather machine, and many of them require a high level Handiness Skill. If you want to be able to change the weather, it’s time to read up!

The available options on the weather control device are: 

Change Current Weather – This is available to all Sims regardless of Handiness Skill Level. Keep in mind that the lower their skill, the bigger the chance of failure. Sims will get zapped by this device if they’re not careful. Sims with a higher Handiness Skill have more success.

Upgrades – There are 7 upgrades available. Each upgrade provides new interactions with the weather machine, and Sims need at least a Level 8 in the Handiness Skill to unlock them all.


  • Handiness Skill Level 2 
    • Climate Hydrator – Increases success chance when attempting to create rain or snow.
    • Gyroscope Durability – Makes the machine more resistant to breakage.
    • Humidity Chiller – Increases the success chance of interactions involving snow or cold.
    • Moisture VaporatorImproves the success chance of attempts to clear the skies.
      • (All upgrades require 1 Common Upgrade Part)
  • Handiness Skill Level 3
    • Capacitive Efficiency – Unlocks the ability to modify the current season’s weather. 
      • (Requires 1 Electronic and 1 Common Upgrade Part)
  • Handiness Skill Level 5
    • Self Repairing Nanites – Prevents the machine from breaking.
      • (Requires 2 Electronic and 2 Common Upgrade Parts)
  • Handiness Skill Level 8
    • Temporal Modifier Unit – Allows the machine to advance to any season. 
      • (Requires 3 Electronic and 3 Common Upgrade Parts)

While there isn’t a quick way to change the season/weather in the game, Sims can increase their Handiness Skill to experience different seasons and weather effects in the game. Also, please remember that whenever you change a Season using the “Advance Season” option, any events and holidays scheduled in your Calendar will be deleted or moved.

For more information on the game, take a look at our Sims 4 Seasons Game Guide! We will be updating the guide continuously, so keep checking back for more info!