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The Sims 4 Interview w/Graham Nardone
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Sims 4: Maxis Developing In-Game Sharing Platform
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Talking about the idea of developing a platform similar to Diablo 3’s Auction House within The Sims 4, where players could share – and possibly even sell – their designs and lots, producer Ryan Vaughan revealed that it was “definitely” part of Maxis’ plans. “Unfortunately we’re not going into too much detail on the sharing right now, but we are working on a way to bring all of that community, all of that sharing and connecting with people across the world into the game.


“In The Sims 3, you were doing a lot of it through the Sims website – you could upload creations and stuff. We’re bringing all of that and making the experience in the game so people are able to connect with other people and grab somebody else’s house and try it out in their own lot. We have a lot more detail to get into in the next few months but it’s definitely a big part of what we’re working on.”




SimsCamp: Special Memories for ‘The Sims’ Fans

Gamescom is the largest videogame show in the world. More than 340,000 people show up to see the latest and greatest gaming has to offer but this year there were 40 people who had a very special reason to celebrate. These VIP fans of The Sims got to attend the invitation-only EA press conference where they witnessed the debut of the first ever gameplay footage.


They then spent a jam-packed two days with The Sims team – and were among the first in the world to play The Sims 4’s Create A Sim as well as spending The highlight of SimsCamp were the four special Master Classes, hosted by producers from the Studio. These presentations were deep dives into four key aspects of The Sims 4: the tactile and intuitive Create A Sim, the intelligent animation system, the new emotional gameplay mechanics, and the powerful and flexible Build mode. Check out some of the excitement and read what the attendees had to say.




Pre-Order The Sims 4 @ Walmart
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SimGuruGrant tweets weight-based emotions are not coming

SimGuruGrant has tweeted today about the article in PCGames in which he corrects the misunderstanding that weight-based emotions are coming to Sims 4.





Just to summarize: Sims will not feel negative about weight gain or how they see themselves in the mirror.

Sims 3 Store: Sales Page Update


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NZ Gamer Previews “The Sims 4″


Ah the Sims; progeny of the SimCity franchise I love so much, I find it impossible to loathe you. Sure, your focus on the lives and loves of just a handful of Sims at a time varies somewhat from your ancestor’s interest in the macro concerns of an entire city of simulated people, but the general gist – allowing players to interfere with the lives of virtual citizens – is still something you hold dear to your chest.




To be completely honest, I’ve never really “got” the Sims. Lots of people do; most people do, if you look at the stats (it’s the biggest PC gaming franchise of all time, don’t ya know?), making me a bit weird when all is said and done. But having seen (and played with) The Sims 4, I suspect all of that is about to change.




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PCGames: “Sims can be unhappy about their weight”


Well this is interesting. In The Sims Studio’s efforts to infuse an entire brain-rainbow of believable human emotions into the next generation of sims, they’ve hit upon the tricky business of body image, and its psychological bedmate since the invention of the mirror: perpetual, crippling self-loathing.
Sims in The Sims 4 will have the ability to gain and shed pounds as they eat and exercise, as well as the capacity to feel grossly unhappy about their own appearance, which is a cruel degree of realism to inflict upon an innocent simulated person.
“We have some little things like fitness, so sims can naturally change over time in the game,” says The Sims 4’s producer Grant Rodiek. “If they overeat they’ll become overweight. If they never exercise, they might become overweight. But if you eat healthily or eat properly or you exercise, your sims will lose weight.”
Previous games in the series allowed you to manually set your sim’s weight and body shape in the creation screen, and fitness objects such as treadmills and weight machines would simply improve a sim’s strength rather than sculpt their body. In The Sims 4 it seems that maintaining your desired form requires some actual management of your sim’s diet and exercise routines.




IGN: The Sims 4 Goes For Emotional Depth

For as long as I’ve been playing The Sims (which is more than ten years now), their tiny lives have been defined by what they need at any particular moment: money, new TV, lunch, a shower, a pee (always with the peeing). The Sims 2 and 3 made the little computer people more relatable, adding in aspirations and expressions and stronger personality traits, but their limited emotions were still dependent on their needs and how fulfilled they were. In The Sims 4, their needs will be dependent on their emotions.
For the first time Sims have persistent emotional states. Rather than just being happy or sad, fulfilled or unfulfilled, they can be depressed, angry, flirty, vulnerable – and when they’re in these states, it affects what they can do and how. Angry Sims will work out harder, depressed Sims won’t feel like doing much. They look like they feel, too – hunched shoulders, clenched fists, quivering lips. Instead of being about fulfilling their need (or not), the game becomes about manipulating their emotional states to run their lives, rather than manipulating their circumstances by, say, buying them stuff or walling them into a room with no toilet.