Island Paradise: New Screenshot


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Site Update: Premium Content Guide


The latest update to our Premium Content Guide includes information for the “Large as Life Movie Screen”, “Barrier to Entry System”, “Fowl and Feathers Chicken Coop”, “Let it Ride Roulette Table”, and “Dead Man’s Hand Poker Table”. This means we are currently up to date! :)


Please remember that the content in our premium content guide is listed in order of release, so scroll down for the latest info posts. 


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Sims 3 Store: Fifth Avenue Fashions (Screenshots)
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PC Gamer: What we want from The Sims 4
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After five years of The Sims 3, Maxis is stepping up a generation with The Sims 4. It was announced earlier this month, and it’s due out next year. Details are still very thin on the ground, aside from the fact that it will be possible to play it offline. But what do we want to see from the next step in life simulation/digital psychopathery? We have a few ideas…





Sims 3 Store: In Game Freebies


Get in game and snatch up these freebies while you can! Kudos to Hatbox on officials for the find!


Thanks Steph & SteveMyBear!

Freebie 2 Freebie


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Caption This!


This week’s caption contest has ended, and a winner will be announced in the next 24 hours! Thanks for participating everyone! :D 


Every Friday between 10-11pm Central Time, we will post a brand new Sims 3 game play image for you to caption. Once the post goes up, you will have until Sunday at 12:00pm to come up with a “caption” for the image shown in the post. On to the rules

♦ Be original and creative. Creativity goes a long way!

♦ Do not post any offensive, vulgar, discriminatory, or NON “PG” comments. There are readers of all ages on the site, so please keep it clean.

♦ Do not steal someone else’s caption as your own. 

♦ You can post as many captions as you’d like. (Preferably in one comment)

♦ Everyone around the world can participate. 

♦ Comments close at 12:00pm on Sunday. 

Please post your Wishlist when commenting.


Once comments close on Sunday, we (SimsVIP) will go through all the captions and select a winner. The (one) person with the most creativity in their caption will win, and the winner will be announced sometime on Sunday evening, or Monday morning. The winner will receive 200 simpoints worth of random wishlist items. Make sure to post your wishlist when commenting!


Now that you’ve read all of the above, Caption This Photo! 

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Sims 3 Store: Sales Page Update


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Amazon Sale: Digital Games Mayhem (1000+Titles!)


Amazon is holding a “Digital Games Mayhem” on over 1000 titles! This is not necessarily a sale that benefits The Sims series, but I know there are plenty of gamer’s out there who would love to save on other games. Game On!




48 Island Paradise Producer Walkthrough Screens

These are screenshots I took from the producer walkthrough for the Island Paradise Fact Sheet. It occurred to me that everyone may enjoy seeing them separately from the fact sheet itself, so I am posting these so you can peruse them.
I hope you enjoy the screenshots.
Oh, and I updated the fact sheet! Nearly forgot to mention that.

graham island paradise 1 graham island paradise 2

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