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Fraizesaux Sims: Seasons Autumn Preview


The fog obscures 10 steps, it rains, the leaves turn red before deserting the trees … No doubt, fall is here. No, Ms. Mapple, it does not necessarily mean cocooning in your flannelette seductive romper!






Sims 3 Seasons Registration Reward


When registering the Sims 3 Seasons, players will get a Seasons Wall Decal Pack. No photo is available at the moment, but thanks to Rincon del Simmer, the source code/cache of the site gives us details of the content.


Congratulations! You have successfully registered your The Sims 3 Seasons game. Download your FREE* Seasons Wall Decal Pack now! Now your Sims can proudly liven up your blank walls and decorate with your favorite seasonal theme.

seasons regist



Sims Artists: Seasons Fan Day


You know at Sims Artists we like to share our experiences (even if it means writing an article twice …) so that said fan day said article to tell you this special day! It is also a good opportunity to discover the heads of the Sims community members who are not as nicknames but real people (I swear).

Seasons Fan

should be noted that this article is the first in a series, renews formula of the last day with a fan cut in several articles. I warn you I’m alone in office all this time then write a little patience on your part because I have tons of photos to sort.While en route to 26 October 2012!





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Urbania Sims: Spring Festivities & Soccer (Videos)


Video Link #1Video Link #2


Fraizesaux Sims: Seasons Online Dating


Click Below!

Online Dating


Sims 3 Seasons: Magical Gnomes


Not sure if anyone else shares the same joy as me when it comes to the Magic Gnomes, but I love them! SimCookie’s latest Seasons Preview, give us a snapshot of all the new magical gnomes.
From left to right we’ve got Craklin Nackerbell, Gnome Brawn Brawn, Mister Evil Gnome,
Bucktooth Buternutt, and BoGnome snow Bitertotter.


The gnomes can also be purchased with festival tickets!



Sims 3 Store: Halloween Power Daily Deals *List*


If you want to know which store items will be on Sale during The Sims 3 Store’s Halloween Power Sale on Wednesday, check out the list provided by SimGuruTaterTot!


Thanks Steph! :)

Please note that the 24-Hour Of Power Daily Deals will begin at 12 am PST, October 31, 2012 

  • 12am PST: Once Upon a Time Cottage – Stroke of Midnight Clock
  • 1am PST: Oh My Goth! Compilation
  • 2am PST: September 2011 Compilation
  • 3am PST: More Magic
  • 4am PST: Faire Folk Furnishings + Attire
  • 5am PST: The Hypnotizer
  • 6am PST: Make a Wish Compilation
  • 7am PST: Le Cirque Celebration
  • 8am PST: Gothic Glamour – Living Room Set
  • 9am PST: Gothique Living + Sleeping Rooms
  • 10am PST: Faire Folk Furnishings (Slumber + Den)
  • 11am PST: Seeing Stars
  • 12pm PST: Full StoryBrook Set
  • 1pm PST: Gothique Library
  • 2pm PST: Front Row Center Bedroom + Wretched Threads
  • 3pm PST: World Inspiration Compilation
  • 4pm PST: Date Night
  • 5pm PST: Surprise!
  • 6pm PST: Gothic Glamour – Home Office Set
  • 7pm PST: Oh My Goth! Compilation *repeat for later time zones*
  • 8pm PST: Once Upon a Time Cottage – Stroke of Midnight Clock *repeat for later time zones*
  • 9pm PST: September 2011 Compilation *repeat for later time zones*
  • 10pm PST: More Magic *repeat for later time zones*
  • 11pm PST: Faire Folk Furnishings + Attire



SimCookie Previews Seasons!


:!: Reminder: The Winter embargo ends November 9th. 


We would like to thank once again thank you and Electronic Arts Mini to my colleague for this wonderful day spent in their local, we all had a great time with friends, but also the most anticipated game in the saga of The Sims, seasons ! This expansion pack will enhance your game with all these elements. Of course all seasons are integrated.
For the first time in the history of The Sims 3, the seasons come to live in different worlds (custom or not) except your game worlds come with The Sims 3 Destination Adventure, ie China, France and Egypt, he will always be beautiful in the three worlds. Each season brings with it a new feature called festivals Sunset Valley, they will be located on the park in front of City Hall.
For other areas it will be easy to identify the place where the festival will be located, simply put you to plan and there you will see an icon that is highlighted. By taking the information given by Graham, here’s a quick summary of new places or festivals taking place in the worlds. Not having neighborhoods Riverview, Barnacle bay and Lakes Lunar installed on my computer I have not been able to capture. Riverview festivals will happen on the ground called “” All the Rave “Warehouse” to Barnacle Bay they place on the community site “Crowe’s Nest Campgrounds” and Lunar Lake in Riverview Memorial.


Weather Weather2





Preview: SimsVIP’s Seasons PDF Guide Layout


I have already started work on our Seasons guide using some of the basic information we have thus far. During the week of Seasons’ release, I am taking the week off work to complete the full guide. Our readers will have a thorough and detailed guide to refer to within days of release.
Our Guide PDF’s are downloadable and printable, so no need to be online to view the guide! The guides are also Tablet and smartphone friendly. I’m looking forward to completion of the Seasons guide, and I want to thank everyone for making all of our guides a success. :)
Petar from SimHrvatska is the talented Simmer who helps create the PDF Guide Layouts for all of my Game Guides, and today, I am happy to share our completed design for the SimsVIP Seasons Guide!

SimsVIP Season Game Guide PDF Design