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A Note On Images


The images in general items section are taken in-game, using a lot constructed solely for the purpose of serving as a source of images for this article. Save for the wallpaper, door, and floor tile (the door comes from Monte Vista, wallpaper and floor tile are base game), all items presented are entirely new and part of this set. This note is merely here to avoid any confusion.

Hopefully, my building choice isn’t too nightmarish ;)




Create A Sim and Build/Buy Totals


Female Young Adults/Adults3 Hairstyles, 5 Outfits

Female Teens3 Hairstyles (same as adult), 1 Outfit

Female Children1 Hairstyle, 1 Outfit


Male Young Adults/Adults1 Hairstyle, 3 Outfits

Male Teens1 Hairstyle

Male Children1 Outfit


Build Mode1 Fence, 1 Gate, 1 Staircase, 1 Window

Buy Mode1 End Table, 1 Dining Table, 1 Dining Chair, 1 Living Chair, 1 Ceiling Light, 3 Plants, 1 Curtain, 1 Rug, 4 Statues/Miscellaneous


Hair Styles


Screenshot-268 Screenshot-269
Screenshot-270 Screenshot-278
Screenshot-293 Screenshot-295
Screenshot-296 Screenshot-298




Screenshot-274 Screenshot-272
Screenshot-275 Screenshot-276
Screenshot-277 Screenshot-280
Screenshot-281 Screenshot-282
Screenshot-297 Screenshot-284


Build and Buy Mode Items


Screenshot-286 Screenshot-287
Screenshot-288 Screenshot-289
Screenshot-290 Screenshot-291

New Sims 3 Island Paradise Screenshot


SimGuruGraham shared a new photo of a couple being romantic on an island. You can also see a brand new “Anchor” tattoo on the male Sim, which Graham confirmed is new.


Ahh to be young and in love… at midnight… on an island…



Sims 3 Store: March 21st Set
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Individual items begin here and end here


Live, Laugh, Love (1,550 sp) - Nothing will get in the way of your big day! Celebrate the happiest day of your life with the Live, Laugh, Love set. Even if you can’t get married on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, this set will make any venue feel like a destination wedding!

Thumbnail_688x336 (18)



Comment to Win The Sims 3 Island Paradise! *Ended*
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Random Number Generator has spoken! The random number generated was the #3! Congrats to our two winners! Emails have been sent out, so please reply winners! :)

♦ madimystique

♦ BrazilianGirl


Island Paradise Codes have been donated by (Say Thanks!):

♦ Anonymous

♦ Mason


Comment to Win Barnacle Bay!
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And random number generator has spoken! The chosen number is 6 and 14! Because the first number drawn was not guessed more than 5 times, I had to generate an additional number. Winners, please check your emails shortly as I will email you details on the prize. :)


♦ Engram (6)

♦ smiles101 (6)

♦ Candice (14)

♦ Kayelz (14)

♦ Ryan (14)


Random 1


Barnacle Bay Codes have been donated by (Say Thanks!):

♦ Justin

♦ Angelface

♦ Ann

♦ Nikky

♦ Lindsay


Entry Period ends at 12:15am Central Time.


Scavenger Hunt! Come and Get it! *Ended*
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We have winners! Congrats to Holaheye, Adam, & theruffleheartlegacy! Emails will be sent out soon winners!


230 Redwood Pkwy
E spring part

Come and get it : 4 times



The first part of this contest requires you to find the *PHOTO* letters “S, E, A, S, O, N, S” hidden within the pages of the site! You must also tell me on which pages you found each specific letter. 

The second part of this contest requires you to tell me how many times the words “Come and Get It” are said between :40 and 2:11 of this video.

Video Link



The 3rd part of this contest requires you to give me the the full address of the “Crumplebottom” Household in Sunset Valley.



The first person to post the following (in ONE COMMENT) wins!

♦ Where you found each specific letter on the site. (S-here etc)

♦ The number of times “Come and Get It” is said in the video between :40 & 2:11.

♦ The full address of the “Crumplebottom” Household in Sunset Valley


Please remember to use a valid email when commenting!


♦ Sims 3 World Adventures + Prima Guide

♦ Sims 3 Ambitions + Prima Guide

♦ Sims 3 Late Night + Prima Guide

Party Starts Soon!
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The electricity is back up folks! Yeay! I need to freshen up and we’ll get started ASAP! By 4:30 Central Time I expect to be ready to start. Sorry for the delay! :)


Please Note: All giveaway posts from today will be dated back to March 16th, this way they are pushed to the back end of the site. They can be viewed under the “Giveaways” category.



Spot the Difference *Ended*
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We have a winner! Congrats to Jerome for coming up with the correct answers the quickest!

University Life Guide


Part 1 – Spot the Differences


There are a total of *8 differences* between the two photos. You will need to….

1) Download the photo from here: Click Here to download photo (Pick a size)
2) Use paint (or any other method) to circle the differences in ONLY ONE of the two photos
3) Upload the photo to any photo sharing service (Photobucket, Flickr, TinyPic etc)
4) Paste the link to your photo here in the comments section





Part 2 – What number?


Click here and tell me the number.



Part 3 – Where’s the bird?

There is a photo of love birds hidden on the site pages. Here’s a hint: Game Guides. You will have to tell me what page you found it on!

Part 4 – Screenshot this Sim!

Head into your game and screenshot this pre-made Sim in CAS.



First person to post the following wins!

♦ Photo link with the correct differences circled

♦ Number in the video

♦ What page are the love birds on?

♦ Photo link of the pre-made Sim posted above



Please remember to use a valid email when commenting!


Giveaway #5 Create-a-Sim and Music! *Ended*
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We have a winner! Congrats to “theruffleheartlegacy” for posting the correct answers/photos! Theruffleheartlegacy, I will be sending you an email shortly. :)

P3: 6


You will need to open a game in Sunset Valley!



Part One – Create This Sim!


The first part of this contest requires you to go into CAS, find this pre-made Sim, and recreate her as shown below. All content used are base game items. Everything MUST be identical….


♦ Same Pre-Made Female Sim (Do not alter her hair, eyes, skin etc)

♦ Same Face Paint

♦ Same Shirt

♦ Same Bottoms

♦ Same Bracelet

♦ Same Shoes 

Once you have finished creating this Sim, take two pictures IN CAS as I have done below. Two Separate Pictures! (1) Headshot and (1) Full Body Shot.

Screenshot-99 Screenshot-100



Part Two – Head into Town!

After you have saved this Sim, move them into any house in town, and send them straight to Central Park! Once there, you will have to take a photo of them in the same area pictured below. The photo must be identical to the one I have posted below. This means I have to see the exact same background of the world when you take the photo.




Part Three – Do you care?!

How many times does Beyonce say the word “Care” between minute 1:55 and 2:17 in this video.

You can Scroll to Minute 1:55!


First person to complete the following (and post in ONE COMMENT) will win a digital code for Island Paradise!

♦ One photo link of the Sim’s Headshot in CAS
♦ One photo link of the Sim’s full Body Shot in CAS
♦ One photo link of the Sim in Central Park in Sunset Valley (Same location as the photo I provided above. I must see the same world background)
♦ How many “Care’s” in Beyonce’s song


Cool Down Period + Next Prize Reveal
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The next contest will start @ 10:30pm Central Time , and there will be THREE winners! The games up for grabs are..

♦ Sims 3 World Adventures + Prima Guide

♦ Sims 3 Ambitions + Prima Guide

♦ Sims 3 Late Night + Prima Guide


:!: You WILL need your game for this contest. (Sunset Valley)