Graham Talks About Island Paradise


Graham has been active on Twitter today, discussing such topics as mangrove trees, being able to own a house and use a houseboat as a private lot, and curved houseboat hulls. He even provided the following lovely picture for players (the sharp-eyed spotted this earlier in the collection of four new screenshots):


Curved houseboat


The Sims 3 Dragon Valley Trailer


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Island Paradise: 48 Live Chat Screens


The Sims 3 Island Paradise065 The Sims 3 Island Paradise051 The Sims 3 Island Paradise025 The Sims 3 Island Paradise015


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Four New Island Paradise Screenshots


The Sims 3 Island Paradise kicked-off the show with a deep dive demo featuring resort management, a brand new feature appearing for the first time inThe Sims 3 PC gaming franchise. Players will now be able to build, own and manage their own resort, while making a little money on the side.
In order to run a successful resort, players will need to impress their guests while maintaining their bottom line. In addition to owning and managing resorts, The Sims 3 Island Paradise also gives players the ability to take the helm of a houseboat and live on the water, dive beneath the waves and explore the underwater world, take to the beach and jet set to new islands and more.
The Sims 3 Island Paradise is currently available for pre-order. Players who pre-order will receive the Limited Edition version of the game that includes the Island Survival Pack – a new set of content that offers players all the necessities needed for their Sims to scrape an existence on a deserted island. The Sims 3 Island Paradise drops anchor June 28, 2013.


ts3_islandparadise_houseboat ts3_islandparadise_scubadiving ts3_islandparadise_sailing ts3_islandparadise_poolatnight


The Sims 3 “Movie Stuff” Coming in September


Also revealed during the show was The Sims 3 Movie Stuff, the newest stuff pack that releases this September.  With various themes like Western and horror, players will be able to set the stage to tell unique stories with lots of distinctively themed décor, furnishings and clothing.  More information on this new stuff pack will be released in the coming weeks and months.


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The-Sims-3-Island-Paradise072 The-Sims-3-Island-Paradise070



The Sims 3 Dragon Valley World Announced


In today’s Live Broadcast, The Sims 3 Store team has announced a brand new world coming to the Sims 3 Store this Spring: Dragon Valley. The world will also be available in retail stores this summer.


The Sims 3 Store also took the spotlight and unveiled The Sims 3 Dragon Valley, the newest digital world to join The Sims 3 franchise. In The Sims 3 Dragon Valley, life is full of legendary surprises. This world features new Sims, locations and exclusive clothing and objects, including the beloved baby dragon!

dragon valley

Photo Credits: & SimCookie

1814532 1814537 1814534 2a685d5889d2 The Sims 3 Island Paradise075 The Sims 3 Island Paradise079 The Sims 3 Island Paradise078 The Sims 3 Island Paradise077


The Sims 3 Live Broadcast Replay


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Sims 3 Store: Thursday Sneak Peek!
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Sneak Peek 1


Reminder: Sims 3 Live Broadcast Tomorrow (4/16/13)


The Sims 3 Live Broadcast will begin tomorrow, 4/16/13, @ 10am Pacific! As usual, we will host the live event right here on SimsVIP, and have a replay available for those who miss it.




EA Shutting Down The Sims Social…


…and SimCity Social, and Pet Societies


The Sims Social is shutting down on June 14th.

We want to inform everyone in our community that as of June 14th, The Sims Social will be retiring on Facebook.
We know that you may be disappointed by this. Retiring games is never easy, we hope you’ve enjoyed playing The Sims Social as much as we enjoyed making it. Thank you to all of our passionate and dedicated players for supporting The Sims Social. We hope to see you in some of our other titles on Facebook and other platforms.

What is happening to The Sims Social on Facebook?
On June 14th The Sims Social will be retiring on Facebook which means the game will no longer be available for play.
Why is The Sims Social being retired?
We had to make the difficult decision to close down The Sims Social so we can reallocate development resources to other titles that we hope you’ll have just as much fun playing. We hope you have gotten many hours of enjoyment out of the games and we thank you for everything you’ve added to the community.
When will The Sims Social be retired and no longer available for play? 
As of June 14th, The Sims Social on Facebook will no longer be available to play.
Who will this affect? 
Players of The Sims Social
What can I play now?
EA offers a variety of other fun and free games for you to try. As valued players, we plan on offering you something to show our appreciation. Over the next few days, keep an eye on this post where we’ll announce a special offer to thank you for playing our game.
What if I have an existing balance of SimCash in The Sims Social on Facebook? 
Players are encouraged to spend their remaining balance of SimCash in The Sims Social before the game is retired on June 14th. As of that date, any remaining SimCash left in the game will be invalid.
What if I have a Playfish cash card I have not redeemed?
Players are encouraged to redeem and spend their Playfish cash cards before the game is retired on June 14th. After that date, you will need to contact customer service regarding your Playfish cash cards.
Please go to and select Contact Us to contact Customer Service.
What will happen to the forums for The Sims Social?
The forums will be officially closed and taken offline on June 14th