The Sims 3 Dragon Valley Now Available!


 Dragon Valley ($25 & $35) – Welcome to Dragon Valley, a land of myth and fantasy. It’s been years since any adult dragons have terrorized this peaceful town but it’s not yet time to rest. The elven Sims of Dragon Valley are working to ensure that their military is up to par, their citizens are prepared for disaster, and that the scientific techniques they’ve used to keep the dragonlings small stay intact.



 The Duke of Bows Renaissance Faire (1,900 SP) – Good Morrow! Why spend your days toiling away at a profession when you can while the day away at the Faire! Eat, play, and relax in the sunshine at this epic outdoor venue. Make the world’s sweetest music on the Fit as a Fiddle Violin or compete in the ultimate test of focus and strength at the Archer’s Gauntlet. Only one true hero can be named the Duke of Bows!* *Duke of Bows is a fictional title, for only the most delusional Sims.

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SimFans’ Isla Paradiso Interactive Map


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Island Paradise Patch: Move Sims to a New Town


In today’s Island Paradise preview, Platinum Simmers revealed that The Sims 3 Island Paradise patch will include the ability to switch towns. For 20,000 simoleons, your Sims can start a brand new life, in a brand new town. Yes, you can move to a new town!


A note from SimGuruGraham:

I made absolutely sure that moving between towns won’t continually bloat your save file size. It’s quite literally a full move; we aren’t retaining the information from your previous towns, so consider it as a way for your Sims to wipe the slate clean and start a fresh life in a new town. The game will warn you as to which information is saved and what’s wiped clean when moving to a new town.
Moving between worlds isn’t the same as exporting a family. We save more information like how old your family is, the current season, etc.



Sims 3 Island Paradise Loading Screen


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Sims 3 Showtime (Katy Perry Collector’s) Giveaway!
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The Entry Period for this giveaway has now ended. Check back soon for the winner!


:!: Our reader Dani Driggs has donated the code for this giveaway! Be sure to say thanks!


Dragon Valley’s Black Baby Dragon


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New Screenshot: Island Paradise Town Square


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Sims 3 Store: Duke of Bows Ren Faire Violin


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Sims 3 Store: Duke of Bows Ren Faire Archery


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New Blog, New World, New Venue, More Details!


Via SimGuruTaterTot (yum!)

Hello folks!
Man it’s been awhile since I’ve posted a blog. Too long. Can I point to Dragon Valley as the main reason? It’s kept us busy here at The Sims 3 Store since before Aurora Skies was out! Everyone on the Store has crafted a lot of love and attention into Dragon Valley, and we hope you like it when it comes out tomorrow. It’s been my favorite world since its conception, so you know what I’ll be playing this weekend.


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