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Island Paradise: Discovering Hidden Islands


Island Paradise comes complete with hidden islands all around the world. Discovering these island are not easy as cake, but from the information gathered throughout the fansite community, it seems feasible.
SimGuruSarah has confirmed that there are a total of 8 Hidden Islands, and each island “unlocks” in different ways. To unlock these islands you can sail to them, find “uncharted island maps” to put together, and much more.
For those of you who don’t care to work hard for those islands, have no fear, there’s a cheat for it! When using the “discoverAllUnchartedIslands” cheat, the active household will be granted access to all of the hidden islands.
Once you have discovered a hidden island, the “fog” will recede and display the hidden island. What will you do with your hidden islands?


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The Sims Network: Island Paradise Preview


Plus, 100000000’s of screenshots here, and here. Click Below!



Island Paradise & Isla Paradiso Loading Screens


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Island Paradise: Traits, Lifetime Wishes & Rewards


Information and Screenshots provided by Pinguintech and Hortensis’ previews.

Please note that I am translating some “names” and descriptions below into English, to the best of my ability. Once we get the official English versions, I will update this post.


New Traits

Sailor – Sailors love the open sea and would much rather be on a boat than on land. Their aquatic experience means the are better at catching fish and are less likely to get seasick.

- Your Sim loves to be on board a boat. The mood of your Sim gets a boost of sailing at sea!
– Your Sim is more likely to catch fish on board!
– The rocking of a boat is not a problem for the stomach of your Sim!

♦  Loves to Swim – These Sims are like fish in the sea and gain a special joy being in the water.

- Sims mood will see a significant boost when swimming!
– Sims will increase their dive skill faster than other Sims!
– Sims can swim a long time without getting tired!


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Island Paradise and “Dive Spots”

To clear up a bit of confusion on my end, SimGuruGraham was kind enough to provide for us some clarification regarding the Dive Spots that are exclusive to Isla Paradiso.
Due to the depth of the ocean in the new world, the Scuba Diving “dive spots” can only be found and edited in Isla Paradiso. Players cannot create any new spots, or move any existing spots. Users who want to completely rebuild existing dive spots, can do so by using a new “lot unlocking cheat”.
We are awaiting response form SimGuruSarah on whether or not advanced users will be able to use Isla Paradiso as a template to achieve the proper ocean depth in CAW, and build a custom world from scratch that starts with that correct depth. However, players will not be able to create their own dive spots in any worlds.

Via SimGuruGraham

Scuba Diving will only be possible in Isla Paradiso due to the depth of the ocean. The oceans in the existing worlds are too shallow for the Sims to go scuba diving in; the ocean is actually much deeper in Isla Paradiso.
Players who want to edit or rebuild the existing dive lots from scratch will be able to within Isla Paradiso by using a lot unlocking cheat, but they can’t be moved or placed elsewhere.
The only thing I’m not 100% clear on is if you could use the Isla Paradiso world as a template to achieve the proper ocean depth in CAW and build a custom world from scratch that starts with that correct depth. I included Sarah as she may be able to shed some light on that.
You can only edit the ones that already exist in the world, not add new ones. I’m just not familiar enough with CAW functionality or how the scuba lots were built to confirm if the very advanced creators will have any recourse to alter ocean depth or modify the placement of dive areas if the ocean is at the correct depth.
@SimGuruSarah may know better, or it may end up requiring some experimentation by the community, but I don’t expect it to be something the average player ever does. For the average player, editing a dive lot means entering the lot locking cheat and altering the dive lots that already exist in Isla Paradiso through Edit Town mode.

dive 1


Island Paradise: New Seashell Collectibles


There are some beautiful new seashell collectibles coming with Island Paradise, and Pinguintech has the photo to prove it! Conch Shells and Shark Teeth anyone? :P


From Top to Bottom, if I translated correctly…Shark Tooth, Nautilus Shell, Abalone Shell, Conch Shell, Cowry Shell, Fan Shell, Old Fossil, Clam Shell


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Island Paradise: Full View of Isla Paradiso


Isla Paradiso, Island Paradise’s new world, is absolutely gorgeous! Anyone else want to dip into these crystal clear waters? I know I do!


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Sims 3 Island Paradise: Magical Gnome


Not sure if anyone else shares the same joy as me when it comes to the Magic Gnomes, but I suuuuure love them! Hortensis’ Island Paradise Preview gave us a snapshot of the all new Mr Mariner Gnome!

Mr Mariner Gnome