The Sims 4 Fan Art by Daddygrahn
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Via Daddygrahn



The Sims 3 Clothing Concept by Annie Lee

Via Annie Lee & Rincon Del Simmer

afBodyEP7Cape_o afBodyEP7FemPlungV_o afBodyEP7Party_o afBodyEp7DressRomantic - Top_o afBottomEP7DelicateLace_o afBottomEp7EmbroideryOyster_o afBottomEp7DressRomantic_o 12345_o 1234_o 1234567_o 12_o 1_o afBodyHaraJukuFruitie_o afBodyHarajukuBow_o afBodyHarajukuElegent_o afBodyHarajukuFemanine_o afBodyHarajukuLolo_o 123456_o N2_o N1_o 123_o afBodyCelebChic_o afBodyClubChic_o afBodyGownSimple_o afBodyHumbleSimple_o afBodyHumblePoor_o afBodyRoseGown_o sim5_o sim7_o sim11_o sim9_o Shoes_2_o Shoes_3_o Shoes_4_o


Caption Contest Winner!

The last Caption Contest now has a winner! Congrats to Cheesetruck for coming up with the winning caption on last week’s photo!

“Join me and together we can rule the dark fluffy side!”



The Sims 3: City Hall Concept Art
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Via SimGuruSarah

BkoxGXoCYAAlBq6.jpg-large BkoxJ9HCAAAWt9e.jpg-large


Deliciously Indulgent Bakery Overview + Giveaway!

My latest store set overview is now live, and I’m also hosting a giveaway! Subscribe to SimsVIP on YouTube, and leave your Sims 3 username in the comments section of the video for a chance to win the Deliciously Indulgent Bakery! Entry period ends April 8th!


Sims 3 Store: NRaas Cupcake Mod (Bakery)

The folks over at NRaas Mods are currently testing a brand new mod: The Cupcake Mod! This mod has the functionality to automatically restock your bakery at 5am every day. Sweet!


This is a new mod built on the NRaas framework.
Behold the NRaasCupcake. No I didn’t keep a straight face when naming this one. I just thought it sounded like a codename the military would use and had to have it. No it doesn’t make you cupcakes. It makes you a lot of confectionery treats. This mod will restock all your bakery display cases to the brim every morning at 5AM. Only useful if you don’t want your active Sim to run the bakery. Note this mod means business (heh) and doesn’t care where the display cases are. It’s on a mission to restock them. Put one on your neighbors roof and it’ll be full at 5AM.
But wait, there’s more. If you call within the next 10 minutes it will restock with all bakery recipes. This means even ones that require additional store sets and EP’s. It doesn’t let you make them but you can buy them. It will also cram birthday and wedding cakes on those shelf’s even though EA doesn’t normally let you.
Additional things to come as time permits.
Someone free up the Sunset Valley dentist schedule.

Click here to download!


Caption This!


This week’s caption contest has ended! Check back Monday for the winner!


You have until Sunday at 12:00pm Central to come up with a “caption” for the image shown in this post. On to the rules

♦ Be original and creative. Creativity goes a long way!

♦ Do not post any offensive, vulgar, discriminatory, or NON “PG” comments. There are readers of all ages on the site, so please keep it clean.

♦ Do not steal someone else’s caption as your own. 

♦ You can post as many captions as you’d like. (Preferably in one comment)

♦ Everyone around the world can participate. 

♦ Comments close at 12:00pm on Sunday. 

Please post your Wishlist when commenting.


Once comments close on Sunday, we will go through all the captions and select a winner. The (one) person with the most creativity in their caption will win, and the winner will be announced sometime on Sunday evening, or Monday morning. The winner will receive 200 simpoints worth of random wishlist items. Make sure to post your wishlist when commenting!


Caption This! 



The Sims 3 Concept Art

Via SimGuruSarah

BkU68aeCIAAnwiL.jpg large

The Sims 3 Store: Sales Update!

Click Below!

Sales Update 04-04-14


Indulgent Bakery Overview (Info, Screens & Video)
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 Deliciously Indulgent Bakery


Screenshot-136 Screenshot-137 Screenshot-138 Screenshot-139 Screenshot-140 Screenshot-141 Screenshot-142 Screenshot-143


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